We give return gifts at parties to show our appreciation to our friends' time and love to celebrate with us. If our return gifts are meaningful, wouldn't that be even better? There will be a message attached to each gift, telling your guests what good cause they have done and raise awareness of what social issues the world is experiencing right now.
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2019 LOVE OUR DOGS Charity Calendar

LOVE OUR DOGS Charity Calendar is a project founded by a talented photographer in Hong Kong who owns..

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點滴是愛 之 從印度走到非洲

有「貧民聖人」之稱的聖德蘭修女一直為世人所敬重,她的名言是「心懷大愛做小 事」,可是大家都知道她口中所指的小事從來不小,也不是平常人能輕易駕馭。對 生活節奏急促的香港人而言,德蘭修女所做的一切彷彿是另..

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Wood-Free Pencils

Wood-Free pencils are handmade by women artisans in Sri Lanka. Tsunami affected and internally displ..

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Fair Quinoa for Children

Fair Quinoa for Children is organic grown and fairtrade certified. When you buy a packet of quinoa, ..

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Star of Bethlehem by Francesca Sin

A collection of prose poetry which helps you connect with your emotions and gives you inspiration fr..

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