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Brand: DMG Universal Family Watch
Product Code: INLA-0241A & 0221A

D.M.G. watches are not only a formulaic and standardised instrument, but also timepieces that tell more than the time that is measured in minutes, hours and days. They are capable of enriching our mind, uplifting our spirit, and bringing beauty and harmony to our lives.

The inscribed words symbolise good fortune, joyfulness, and cheerfulness. When the indicators of good behaviours are practised, one will enjoy a perfect time of happy encounters. This is the essence of life and the real purpose of living.

Message from the Founder President: "In this new era, we need to live with good fortune, joyfulness and cheerfulness in every moment of our lives, so as to truly live in the moment. We then, become someone with good taste and excellent lifestyle, enjoying the essence of quality life.

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