Fair Trade

Many of us make our buying decision based on lower price tags, which promotes mass production where big corporations are on the upper hand to decide which part of the supply chain to cut costs. In many cases, the farmers and workers hurt the most. We want to see a world where all producers can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods, fulfil their potential and decide on their future.

Support Fair Trade. It connects disadvantaged producers and consumers; promotes fairer trading conditions and empowers producers to combat poverty, strengthen their position and take more control over their lives.


With such abundance in this material world, many of us would opt for buying ready-made products out of convenience. In fact, many of the “so-called waste” can be upcycled and reproduced as useful goods. Not only can this save the environment, many of the upcycled products are actually very appealing with great designs, comparable to those made from brand new materials.

We promote upcycling because we know everything on Earth is precious and finite. It is essential to make the best use of every bit of the material to its fullest, so as to respect the Mother Earth which gives us lives.

Special Needs Children

Every child is special and lovable. Some of them are born slightly different from the majority of us but that doesn’t mean they are less important to society. Because of the way how this world is structured, most of the resources and attention are directed to the majority, which leaves little support to those that do not fit in the “model”.

We are here to balance out the resources and try to provide equal learning opportunities to special needs children. We aim to nurture every child to his/ her full potential so that they can bring more joy and love to the world.

Cultural and Heritage Preservation

Globalisation seems to be bringing people from all over the world closer together, letting us understand what and how people live on the other side of the world. However, it also contributes to blending countries and people, westernising most parts of the world. This gradually leads to the loss of uniqueness in each culture.

We are sad to see how young people cannot speak the language of their home country, to see the loss of grandmother’s recipe, and to see the fading away of certain traditional costume. We hope by supporting the preservation of individual culture and heritage of different places, those meaningful and symbolic messages behind the artefacts can be kept for a few more generations.

Women Empowerment

It is not uncommon to see women lacking confidence and opportunities in the labour market as many of them are being raised to take care of domestic chores, in particularly those in developing countries and from low income families. Therefore, the society still expects a male-dominated role in many industries. This creates a limited choice of work for women, let alone single mothers who are less flexible with their working hours and location.

We wish to see more employers who could empower women with more choices and higher quality of job opportunities, so that they could be financial independent to enjoy the freedom and lives they are entitled to.

Physical Disabilities and Mental Illnesses

People with physical disabilities and mental illnesses are often praised for their ability of performing certain tasks that are beyond our comprehension with our fixed mindset. While we do admire their perseverance and hard work, what we respect more is their positive attitude to live out their true self with their own interpretation of expressing who they are.

Everybody is a genius and can contribute to bringing more love to the world with their unique talents. We are here to support inspirational people who are not afraid to show their strengths and shine their light.

Body, Mind and Soul Wellness

Many of us are already aware of the importance of physical health but not many pay attention to mental and spiritual wellness. From this holistic perspective, health isn’t merely the absence of disease or symptoms; it is a state of optimal wellbeing, vitality, and wholeness. We should be mindful of what we feed ourselves every day and make sure that they are nourishing to our body and soul.

We believe that we are not only “what we eat” but also “what we read”, “what we watch” and “what we listen to”. We promote products that can bring balance to our physical, mental and spiritual wellness, hence create collective well-being for the world.

Environmental Protection

It is not uncommon to see more people show concerns about carbon footprints by deliberately cutting down their meat intake or reducing the use of cars. While this awareness is absolutely admirable, we feel that it is necessary to internalise this mindset into our daily life too.

We need to know that this planet is shared by not only human beings, but also other living creatures. Our greed has led to the extinction of many species and killed many of their homes, this in turn has interrupted the natural cycle of the environment, hence created natural disasters and rare diseases. Say “No” to chemicals and GMOs; Recycle, Reuse and Reduce; Walk or Bike more and the list goes one.

Animal Rights

Animals, just like babies, cannot speak up for themselves. They cannot tell us when we are being unjust to them or when they are in fear. Many people hurt animals to satisfy human’s needs because they thought animals’ feelings do not matter. Our ego has placed our being way superior to other living creatures.

We want to give a voice to the voiceless and protect all animals from all unjust treatments. All animals have the rights to live in a safe and clean environment, just like all human beings. All animals deserve medical care when they are sick or being hurt, whether they are home pets or strayed dogs and cats.

Human Rights

Human Rights are moral principles which describe certain standards of human behaviour that are applied to ALL human beings regardless of their age, gender, races, religion and so forth. We emphasise the word “ALL” because we know that many people have forgotten about this when they see people behave differently from them or “wrongly” from their perspective, and they think by taking away their rights, that should teach them a lesson.

For examples, prisoners being denied access to a safe environment and use of healthcare services; refugees being denied the freedom from torture and degrading treatment; unsafe labour conditions in developing countries; violence and attacks on LGBT people and minority religious people etc. We hope to see a world that can embrace differences and that everyone has the freedom to live a life that is most suitable to them. We believe human rights is for everybody.

Character Education

In this competitive era where the young people feel insecure about their future and their parents are paranoid about their children’s accomplishment, academic and skills set achievements have become the focus of education. Not only are the children being deprived of a happy childhood with their daily schedule packed with homework and tutorial classes, but also being robbed off of their prime time to grow as responsible and caring adults.

We believe in character education as it builds a good foundation of a person’s attitude and behaviour which determines how far one can go. It all comes from within. While it is important to have a sound academic background, it is even more important to strengthen one’s character and moral values. Building your character creates long term success.