About Gift Love

Gift Love - A New Concept of Sending Gifts

Gift Love is a Hong Kong based online platform which does not only enhance the bonding between the gift giver and recipient through the uniqueness of a meaningful gift, but also connects them with other people that benefit from this very gift by their own stories.

The objectives of Gift Love are:

  • to re-educate the public on the concept of gift-giving
  • to promote socially responsible gifts which support a worthy cause
  • to reduce unnecessary waste caused by over consumption of gifts
  • to empower existing NGOs and Social Enterprises and to raise awareness of current social needs

Each gift has its own story that makes it special and meaningful. Whether it is the way how the gift is made or the ultimate beneficiary who is receiving this gift, it is the story that helps connect human needs with greater abundance. Gift-giving is no longer an obligation which just fulfils the occasion; but a meaningful act that brings a rich and nourishing life to all parties.